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Who We Are

“Man is a tool-using animal. Without tools he is nothing. With tools he is all.”
-Thomas Carlyle

Our philosophy at We Sell Tools is born from the belief that if you put the right tool at the right price in a man’s hands, he can accomplish anything. We Sell Tools embodies this principle by sourcing overstocked, good quality items and working directly with our manufacturing partners to ensure the best deals possible for our customers.

That customer is a tradesman; relying on a quality tool at a value price to withstand the daily grit and grind of the worksite. He requires a product that not only holds up to his own rigorous standards, but pads his livelihood as well.

Or, he’s a weekend warrior; needing a tool to do the project right. To him it’s about the satisfaction, the accomplishment and the bonding with his tools.

Our goal is to help our customers build, accomplish, soar and not break the bank in doing so. We do it in our brick and mortar and on-line stores with a “Mancave” experience that puts you in a fantasyland of tools. Where you can find a parts washer, welding helmet, hammer, or even a little beer for when the job is done. At We Sell Tools, we know that for a man, shopping for tools is fun, finding the exact tool you need to get the job done is essential and buying the tool at a great price is even better.

We Sell Tools.